Bells to ring for American Visitors

Get set for a feast of Bells and Hankies as The Tram at Eardisley is to play host to a special meeting of Morris sides next week as The Minnesota Traditional Morris who are touring the UK join 3 Herefordshire traditional dance sides to perform together in a unique event.

Jenny Pipes Morris, The Leominster Morris (both based in Leominster) and Fowhelp Morris (based in Moccas) will join the American team who are touring the UK in a dance out together at the historic pub.

Karen Sutton, Fool for Jenny Pipes’ Morris said ‘We are really excited about performing with The Minnesota Traditional Morris and see how American sides perform our traditional English dances. In particular we were fascinated to discover that they do some of the exact same dances that we perform- so it could get a little competitive out there!’

Minnesota Traditional Morris have toured the UK before, in 2008 and 1998 but this is the first time they have danced with the Leominster sides.

The dancing is expected to begin after 7:30pm on Tuesday 27Th June but the sides suggest getting there early as there will be about 50 Morris Dancers all hunting for a parking spot!
Posted : 20/06/2017 22:17:44