Council appoints agent for smallholding sales

Herefordshire Council has today announced it has procured an agent to produce the programme of disposal of its smallholdings. The tender was won through a formal procurement process and the winning bidder was Fisher German, who are nationally recognised experts specialising in rural estate sales.

The smallholdings disposal plan was approved at Cabinet in April. It identified the need to minimise timescales and ensure the best value for money, and it was decided that an agent should be used to help value and market the assets.

In line with the commitment already given, tenants will be provided with the opportunity to purchase their own holdings, provided best value is achieved and it does not negatively impact upon the value of the remainder of the identified estate for sale or retention. Herefordshire Council continues to offer support to tenants on an individual basis, offering one-to-one meetings to clarify the processes involved in expressing an interest to buy.

The programme of proposed sales is expected to appear before Cabinet in October. Tenants with ‘lifetime’ and ‘retirement’ tenancies will remain in their properties under their current terms.
Posted : 27/07/2016 13:10:15