Adoption of Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy

After many years in preparation the Herefordshire Local Plan, which will act as the cornerstone for planning and development in the county, is now adopted.

An extraordinary council meeting on 16 October agreed that the Local Plan Core Strategy should be adopted. Councillors agreed to incorporate a range of modifications into the plan as proposed by the planning inspector and which came forward as an outcome of the examination hearings earlier this year.

The Local Plan Core Strategy has 12 objectives aligned under the themes of promoting social progress which includes supporting strong communities by meeting housing, education and health, transport and infrastructure needs; economic prosperity such as supporting new jobs, area regeneration, business, tourism and retail and environmental quality for instance addressing climate change, protecting and enhancing the environmental assets of the county.

Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said, “I am delighted that the plan has been adopted. The county now has an up to date local plan and a five year supply of housing land. The new local plan will also give confidence and certainty to investors as they bring forward development in accordance with the plan thus contributing towards economic prosperity in the county. We have produced a local plan that reflects our particular circumstances in the county and which also is in accordance with national planning policy. An up to date local plan will give the county local control over the determination of planning applications

The plan is the culmination of many years of hard work and public consultation. Great care has been invested to protect the integrity and distinctive beauty of the county, while identifying where growth can take place and its relationship to essential infrastructure”.

The Local Plan Core Strategy has been developed keeping in mind the unique characteristics of Herefordshire. It has been derived and will be evolving from the interaction between people and the environment, in addition to its relationship with adjoining areas, knowledge of past trends and how things are likely to change in the future.

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Posted : 30/10/2015 19:33:48