Cabinet decision to invite expressions of interest for Edgar Street tenancy

Cabinet has made the decision today (Thursday 22 January) to invite expressions of interest in the tenancy at Edgar Street Athletics Ground in Hereford.

Expressions of interest will be sought for a short term lease for the ground which is proposed to begin on the 1 March 2015 and run until July 2017.

It is vital that the tenancy begins on this date if football is to continue at the site next season. An application to the Football Association to play football at the ground will need to be in place ahead of this date to ensure its continuation.

Any expressions of interest in the tenancy will need to meet certain criteria; the applicants will need to provide sufficient financial resources and demonstrate significant engagement with stakeholders at a local level.

Cllr Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council said, “We really do want to ensure that there is football at Edgar Street next season, hence inviting expressions of interest for a short term lease at the ground. We have a very short time span to get everything in place to meet the Football Association’s deadline for registration.

Once we have tenants in at Edgar Street and football continuing, cabinet will consider longer term arrangements in the autumn.”
Posted : 22/01/2015 20:10:49