Herefordshire wins largest national award from government pothole fund

Herefordshire Council’s bid to the National Pothole Fund succeeded in winning an extra £2.573 million for road repairs. This is great news and is the highest allocation in the country.

As a percentage of the 2014/15 maintenance grant allocation (which is calculated on the length and classification of roads for which each authority is responsible) for the County, the £2.573 million that Herefordshire bid has achieved is 30.76%. This is the highest percentage in the country; the national average is 19.17%.

This year Herefordshire has seen a significant increase in central government funding to help fix our roads. Along with Severe Weather Funding which was awarded earlier this year, Herefordshire will receive additional government funding for road maintenance exceeding £6 million for this year. This almost doubles the usual level of grant funding.

The council has developed a clear approach to fixing roads and has already committed to additional investment of £20million to improve road conditions with resurfacing schemes underway across the county. In awarding this additional grant funding, government has recognised our professional approach to asset management and responded to the need to fix roads in Herefordshire.

Cllr Paul Rone, cabinet member highways and transport said, “We are delighted with the news that Herefordshire will receive this extra funding to tackle potholes. Quite frankly, potholes are one of the biggest annoyances our residents have when travelling around the county.

The award not only takes into account the county’s road length but also the approach to the long term management of the county’s highways. The extra £20 Million pounds we will be investing in 2014/15 in the county’s roads will have stood us in good stead to gain the extra funding allocation.

We will see record amounts of work on the roads over the next year and this will make a visible difference to all who travel around the county.”
Posted : 20/06/2014 15:38:55