Hereford United Football Club - Tenancy Arrangements

The current tenancy arrangements between Herefordshire Council and Hereford United Football Club (HUFC) remain unchanged. It must also be stressed that whilst the council is the landlord of the Edgar Street ground, it does not own or have any direct control or involvement in the club and its decisions.

HUFC currently owes the council in the region of £65,000 in rent arrears, business rates and legal fees and the council has been assured by the new owners that all outstanding monies will be fully re-paid. We have asked for this assurance in writing and the owners have agreed to make a written undertaking to this effect.

The leader of the council, Councillor Tony Johnson is due to meet the new owners on Monday to seek further reassurances.

The new owners have also asked the council to consider assigning the two stand leases to a company within their ownership. The council’s legal team is currently assessing the request and would go through a process of robust due diligence, which would include the new owners proving their financial standing, prior to any assignment being considered.
Posted : 12/06/2014 17:50:52