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The Leominster News Blog is a collection of diary entries, news, gossip and other Leominster related information.

Herefordshire Council confirms overall Council Tax rate for 2018/19

Raised precepts will support the delivery of services across the county

Herefordshire Council has today adopted the total Council Tax precepts for all Herefordshire residents. As the billing authority, Herefordshire Council has a statutory duty to reflect the individual precepts set by each parish council, West Mercia Police and Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service in setting the overall Council Tax due from homes across the county.

The council accepted the precepts agreed by each parish council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia and Hereford & Worcester Fire Authority. The raised precepts are needed to support the delivery of services across the county. The overall impact of these precepts has resulted in an average Council Tax bill for a band D dwelling of £1785.47.

This includes the council’s own tax charge of £1,443.95 which was approved by Full Council on 26 January 2018, the equivalent of £1.30 a week increase.

Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said:

“In the next two years we will no longer receive central government funding. We continue to look at all the ways we can fund our essential services and increasing Council Tax adds £4.6m additional income to the budget. Alongside this we will strive to ensure value for money and efficiency in the services we deliver, such as looking after our children and adults, maintaining our roads and delivering more jobs and housing through our burgeoning local economy.

“The Council Tax and precept rises will allow Herefordshire Council, parish councils, fire and police authorities to continue to deliver their essential services at a local and county level.”

Posted : 09/03/2018 12:10:24

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